About Us


OR-El is the leading company of Synagogues Decoration manufacturer  in Israel.

OR-El  was founded by Mr. J. Feld the CEO of the company
which is located in Tel Aviv Israel

OR-El has been active for many years in the design and manufacturing of Jewish Art in Synagogues and Public institutions.

It is the only company in Israel making memory and prayer plaques on high standard of safety with Led lighting providing low voltage of 12V  and the thinnest in the market only 15-25 mm which provides lasting durability adjusting to the
recent standards according to the UE union that imposed power saving  for keeping the environment.
OR-El  is offering  artistic styles  that characterized synagogues
all over the world in a high standard finish.

OR-El reflects in its designs the Jewish art based on the Jewish and biblical symbols.

The company is manufacturing Prayer plaques, Designed synagogue's clocks, Eternal lights, 
Donor plaques, Memorial trees and partitions for the women section.  

All decorations are designed in Led Lighting 12V.

A lot of thinking and creativity was invested in the unique combination of Artistic Jewish symbols and the technology of the Led Lighting to give the Synagogue interior a special spectacle.

Panrama Building
84a Ben Tsvi Rd., Tel Aviv
Tel: +972 3 6822166, Fax: +972 3 6822301