Memorial Name Plates


 If you've been in a synagogue before you may be familiar with memorial name plates. The most basic versions of these are the ones on the back of synagogue chairs or on top of the back rest of chairs. The basic idea is that it is in memory of someone that passed away.

Memorial name plates are usually found in synagogues and if you are looking to buy one or more, you may want to look more into what we at Or-El have waiting for you to buy. We have a number of individual designs that you can choose from that are equally as beautiful.

It doesn't matter what your level of religion may be, as our memorial name plates are the way to remember that special person that has passed away. It is not only for the family or friend of the person that has passed away, but visitors to a synagogue will constantly view the memorial name plates and understand just how important they are.


Memorial Name Plates are a great way for synagogues to both beautify the synagogue while honoring the deceased. The Lighting we use for memorial name plates and for all of our products has been switched from toxic mercury-laden fluorescent lighting to the smaller footprint and more environmentally friendly LED. LED lighting consumes less power, provides higher-intensity and better distributed lighting and heat, all this combined with an increased life expectancy.

We also have many other products that are available for you to buy. You ought to take more time to see what you may need from us. We are always here to give you guidance and provide you with the knowledge which you may need to understand what's out there.

If you are serious about memorial name plates, you will be happy to know that we are here to help you with what you are looking for. Additionally, with all of the hype going round these days about these types of products, you will now enjoy purchasing memorial name plates from our team for any occasion that may be on the cards.

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