Memorial Trees


Memorial trees are the ideal way of remembering the passing of a loved one. The idea is that it will benefit coming generations too! We at Or-El allow you to personalise your gift, whether this be to a synagogue or any other institute. You can have memorial trees dedicated to whoever you want and at a low price.

You should visit our website (www.or-el.co.il/len/) to understand just how many products are available. We are happy to announce that we have a diversity of memorial trees available to you. By this we mean different designs, shapes, sizes, etc. What's more, our products are fitted with the safest LED lighting, making it a hazard free product for any purpose. Lighting used in all of our products has been switched from toxic mercury-laden fluorescent lighting, used by many other Memorial trees providers, to the smaller footprint and more environmentally friendly LED. LED lighting is known to consume less power, provide higher-intensity and better distributed lighting and heat as well as have an increased life expectancy. if you really want a safe personalised product, you must get in touch with us, as customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Our website is designed to supply you with the highest quality range that is out there today. We have one of the most highly differentiated quantities of memorial trees on the web. Taking this into account, you shouldn't miss the chance to purchase a special item for your synagogue from us.

With an exclusive range of memorial trees, you can pick one that will stand the test of time. If you are not yet certain about which product you wish to buy, then take a deeper look into thecatalogue that is available via our website.

Therefore, you will be able to browse through the finest memorial trees that are on the market today. Don't forget that we at Or-El are here to help you look for that ideal piece of merchandise.

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