Ner Tamid


One of the most decorative designs and products that you will be familiar with when it comes to synagogues, Holocaust museums and events is ner tamid or eternal flames. A good example of a ner
tamid that appears in many synagogues, especially in Israel and Europe, is the candles for Holocaust victims.
A ner tamid is not only used for the type of example above. It has many other uses too, but it is known for remembrance. Thus a ner tamid is used to remember one or more people. This can be related to a number of scenarios.

One scenario is someone or a number of people that have passed away naturally. Or it may be events, such as war that people have passed away in, requiring the purchase of a ner tamid.


The good news is that by visiting us, there are many ner tamids to pick, because we all have different tastes. Furthermore, each ceremony or synagogue will require different designs. This means you can pick the ner tamid that you want, and be sure that you purchased the best product available. Not only best, but also safest - this is due to the fact that we provide each Ner Tamid with the safest LED lighting which consumes less power, provides higher-intensity and better distributed lighting and heat, and has higher life expectancy.

From simply taking a look at our website you will become familiar with what a ner tamid really is and we offer the top quality out there. There are so many other decorative products that we have available.

If you are serious about getting hold of one or more ner tamids, then you need to take a deeper look into our website (www.or-el.co.il/len/). We have many years of experience, catering to our diverse customer base.

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